Learn languages with your vocabulary trainer


  • Can be adapted to several different languages
  • Customizable with downloadable glossaries
  • Includes support for online dictionaries and personal notes


  • No material included as a starter
  • Downloaded glossaries must match program's language settings

I love learning new languages, which is probably why I'm a big fan of all language-related software tools like Lingoversity.

With Lingoversity you can easily practice vocabulary and expressions in a foreign language, building a personal custom dictionary according to your own needs. Instead of having an embedded database, Lingoversity lets you download separate glossary files from the developer's website, which enables you to easily adapt the program to the language you want to learn and you current level of proficiency.

Besides the glossary lists, Lingoversity includes also a special tab for online dictionaries where you can look up words at any time, and a notes area for your personal annotations. What's more, the program has support for voice, which means you can hear exactly how each word is pronounced and practice it on your own.

Lingoversity features a nice design and has a lot of potential, especially taking into account the possibility to expand the program's functionality by downloading more glossaries. On the downside, it wouldn't hurt to have some starting content included in the download file (those blank windows don't look nice) and able to download more material (workbooks, mainly) besides glossary files. Also, note that the glossary files you download must match the language pair set in the program's options; otherwise they won't work.

Lingoversity helps you learn, practice and memorize vocabulary and expressions in several foreign languages.

Built-in Bing Translator in Workbook


  • Built-in Bing Translator in Workbook



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